The Superman Roo dog

Here is a story from an old fella that outlines somewhat the tough bodys of the staghound, had the dog been a greyhound the story could of been very different.


a few old blokes were driving around for a nights pest control. It had just got on dark and so far they hadnt seen too much, the odd rabbit, but all in all it was fairly quiet so far. They had 3 dogs, an older dog and two younger starting dogs, one of which was a few months older then the other and had proven itself. Well they went around some paddocks, the ground here very red, very hard and very dry. The place had not been cropped for a while so what was growing was simply what had come up with the rains, good sheep feed one might say. Well being old, and having old eyes they did not see a smallish kangaroo to their right, about 40 or so metres away, they were driving on a firebreak one a fenceline, either side was a large paddock. Well one of the young pups had seen it and they thought the youngest one would be the go as this roo had nowhere to go real fast, it was quite a while before they hit bush etc. now they are not sure how(forgetful old folk), but the other young dog also got off, the youngest one was right up its bum chasing it around as it made a big arc towards the car, the other young dog also now in on the race, just as the roo got to the fence the older of the two made for the catch, but it was too late, the roo hit the fence at high speed, flying into the air about 10 feet or so, doing a flip and landing, the dog too doing a complete head over heels flip too, with 3 anxious hunters watching hearts in their mouths, as she came crashing down, thinking the worst, the other dog, seeing this, sailed over the fence, and was onto the roo who by now was up and making a beeline straight down the fence line, but was caught after 10metres or so, the other dog on landing, had got up(them old roo dogs of 40 years ago were tough as nails I tell ya) and went to assist, one fo the blokes was onto that roo quicker then a fox on a free feed to kill it so they could check the dogs out and make sure the dog that had flipped was all ok. after a few minutes all seemed well