the ripper roo dog

The following article is another submitted by a person who recalls tales of old from one of his relatives.


I was talking to my uncles mates dad about his old hunting dogs and he recalled this particular incident. At the time he only had one dog, now this Kangaroo dog had been improving each and every time he got out, the style of hunting they had to do was get to the location then get on foot, with the dog wandering up front. what they would do is go from clearing to clearing with the dog, and then look for the game when they were in a favourable position.

Well they got to an area, but there was a few trees, so they had to let the roo's hop on, hoping one would hit a clearing, one was spotted 50metres away, but on the other side of the rabbit proof fence, so over the fence the dog went, and off, this roo took off in a big J shaped type of run, really flying, the dog came up behind, 10 or so metres behind, then 5 metres, then he dropped his head down low and with a whoosh he closed in so fast if you'd blinked you would of missed it, he grabbed it right on the base of the tail, which then made the roo falter, but he did not let go of that tail. Now this is a bit of a predicament, because they can reach behind and grab, the old bloke reckons he got there as quick as he could(was a young spritely lad back then) and came face to face with this roo, the thing wanted to go him, and he had to put all his faith in the dog not to let go, he ran around in circles, while this roo turned and followed him, hissing and carrying on, semi crouched in a typical im going to grab you pose. well after several minuts the bloke got in behind the roo, next to the dog, reached down, grabbed a tail, then RIIIIIIP his pants split

grabbing a back leg helped him to tip it, this is where the dog let go and grabbed the throat, with the roo grabbing the dogs face with its sharp claws, and trying to kick. he leaned on the roo to pin its legs down, to stop the 1 1/2inch long toe from ripping the dog, then a quick whack with the waddy an it was all over.

the funniest thing was the bloke couldnt figure out where his pants had ripped, he thought the crutch, but it was actually the side. Back in those days but you had to wear your pants to near threadbare, none of us could afford a new pair of pants.